Maintenance of Swimming pools, Fountains, SPA, Mini-aquaparks, Bioseptics in Montenegro: +38267514814

Our service department provides maintenance of “water objects” in entire Montenegro.
List of Services:


Running the pool: cleaning the pool with chemicals or water from dirt and calcium, diagnosing and repairing equipment, calibration of dosing station, flushing the filters and supply pipes.

Restoration of the pool’s facing (the price is negotiated separately and depends on the amount of work)

Pool conservation.

Seasonal maintenance of pools from 35€s per visit: chemical treatment of water, cleaning the pool floor and walls with a vacuum cleaner, pool walls by waterline, diagnosing and repairing pool equipment, restoration of the mosaic within reach, calibration of the metering station, filter cleaning.

Swimming pool renovation.

SPA renovation.

Bioseptics renovation.

Swimming pool and Spa reconstruction.
Tel: +38267514814