Construction of Mini Water Parks

«Montelgroup» LLC offers the construction of budget mini water parks in Montenegro. The concept of a mini-aquapark includes public entertainment and recreational facilities, consisting of a variety of devices and installations for recreation on the water: hydro-massage baths, play and swimming pools, water attractions. Mini-aquapark with a small area thanks to special technical solutions can have an impressive range of water attractions, entertainment and services:


• Twisters water slides and family slide from 32.000€s
• Children’s playground with water games, special children’s attraction, price on request.
• Entertaining pool with islands, fountains, waterfalls, hydromassage from 65.000€s
• Cafe with a water bar from 85.000€s
• SPA complex: jacussi, finnish sauna, turkish bath, etc., price on request.

Types of services:
Outline designs
Calculation of technical and economic indicators
Complete set of equipment
Equipment supply
Construction of swimming pools
Construction of fountains
Construction of SPA zones
Commissioning works
Service Support
Order services
Types of pools
Pool for splashing children of preschool age
Children's pool with water slides and attractions for primary school age
Teenage pool with water slides
Swimming pool for adults with hydromassage installation
Wave pool with beach
Wave Surf Swimming Pool
Stages of construction of the Mini-Aquapark

Concept development




Execution of general construction works


Delivery of water slides


Supply of water and filtration equipment


Installation of metal structures, staircases


Mounting of water plastic slopes


Commissioning works

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Water slides must be ordered in advance, approximately 3 months before the planned delivery time, which allows to shorten construction time and start the complex on time.

If necessary, the installation of complex structures "Slides" is carried out under the guidance of experienced installation masters of the factory, providing the slides. Specialists of Montelgrup carry out the construction of swimming pools, fountains and spas, installation of water-supply equipment for water slides, filtration systems for swimming pools. Upon completion of the installation, commissioning is performed and the facility is put into operation.

Attractions for the Aquapark are made in factory in Turkey (polin) and Italy (dieresin).
Slides and Attractions