Landscape Design
in Montenegro

The development of «turn-key» landscape design in Montenegro is an uneasy and responsible task. If you know how you want to see your land, but are not sure that you will be able to independently implement your ideas in practice, or vice versa, do not know how to best equip a house territory, contact «Montelgroup» LLC and we will help.
We work with the leading landscape designers in Montenegro (Irina Kucma) and will supplement your ideas with rational proposals, as well as develop a time-span for its implementation in practice by creating a harmonious project of land improvement.
We offer individual landscape design(idejni projekat) based on the customer’s wishes and land features. We will perform the zoning, select the combinations of plants taking into account the client’s preferences, as well as the features of the soil and the light/shadow regime of the land. Experts of our company will perform works on improvement and gardening. Our experts are able to turn any abandoned wasteland or yard into an intricate combination of flowerbeds, bushes, paths, perennial and annual plants.
We do not impose our own vision, but we try to develop and improve the suggestions and wishes of our customers.

Types of services
Territory Planning
External illumination
Trees and shrubs
Paving slabs
Installation of irrigation systems
Construction of fountains

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