Construction of saunas and baths in Montenegro

If you want to build a turn-key sauna in your private house, apartment, office or want to create a SPA center – contact us. «Montelgroup» LLC has been building similar facilities in Montenegro for more than 10 years.
Finnish sauna and Russian bath is a technically complex structure, in the design and construction of which it is important to take into account many aspects associated with high humidity, temperature differences, increased heating of certain zones, the richness of communication and much more. In order to get a comfortable and functional vapour bath accompanying premises as a result, it is necessary to perform a lot of professional technical calculations, as well as to choose the right materials. All this at a high level will be made by experts of «Montelgroup» LLC.
The construction of a turn-key sauna in Montenegro means that the company’s masters will carry out the design, pick up the optimal equipment, organize the logistics, and also perform all construction, installation and commissioning works, after which you will just need to start using it. With this approach, you save nerves, strengths and resources, because working with one contractor is always easier and more profitable.

Stages of sauna construction
Appointment with an engineer-designer
Installation of the basis of sauna, installation of insulation and sealing of joints
Installation of engineering systems
Installation of shelves
Steam rooms
Connection and commissioning for furnace equipment.

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