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Specialists of «Montelgroup» LLC can organize the turn-key construction of SPA for you: individual zones, saunas, baths, swimming pools or spa complexes in Montenegro. With us, you will have a quality multifunctional object, which will bring you only positive emotions for many years. The construction of a public spa center for hotels in Montenegro is a profitable investment of tangible assets. The key aspects for the client when choosing a hotel are: location, cost, room quality and availability of a spa center with swimming pools for adults and children. The spa center will be the highlight of your hotel and will generate additional income. It is advisable to order the project from a single contractor, Montelgroup, responsible for the construction of swimming pools and spa inclusions.

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Bathhouses and Saunas
The Finnish sauna is a dry bath with dry hot air - air temperature is 70-90 degrees Celsius with a humidity of 5-15%. The air temperature in the steam room can reach up to 140 degrees.
In the Russian bath, humidity is about 20-65% ("hot", "classical"), and the temperature is about 70 degrees Celsius. At this temperature and humidity, the brooms do not dry during the entire hovering process, and breathe more or less comfortably. Comfort of breathing in this case is determined by the size of the droplets of steam, which is formed after the water is poured onto the stones of the furnace.
Modern Turkish bath is a steam room. The Turkish bath has a high humidity of up to 80-100% and a relatively low temperature from +40 to +45℃.
Premises with heated niches and seats, in the center of which there is a structure consisting of a metal heated tray with herbs (lavender, chamomile, sage) and a wooden bucket. From the bucket every 5-6 minutes water is supplied to the hot grass and an aromatic steam is created in the room. The temperature rises gradually and reaches 52-55℃, humidity is 50-60%, there are no serious loads on the heart.
In the salt bath, the air temperature is about 65℃, and the relative humidity is about 30%. If the temperature in the steam room is kept at about 40-45℃ the time for visiting the steam room can be made up to 20-30 minutes.
Infrared sauna is a closed room, equipped with infrared emitters. When heated, the tree begins to release useful biologically active substances - phytoncides. The working temperature for a sauna can be considered 37-47℃.
At the heart of aroma sauna is the effect on the human body of natural aromatic oils and herbs, which is enhanced by deep warming of the body. The temperature reaches a peak at 55℃. The equipment for aroma sauna is, first of all, an oven with a control unit, an aromatization and steaming system. Bowls are usually equipped with special dispensers, controlled from the control unit.
The steam room, arranged as a hamam, completely finished with a stone, with heated marble seats, loungers, tables and "warm floors". The air temperature in this steam room reaches 40-60℃ with a humidity of 100%. The room with 2 pools - one with cool (20-25℃) water, the other - with a warmed up to 40-45℃.
The distinctive features of the Egyptian bath are a steam bath with a soft, enveloping steam and comfortable low temperatures of 30-45℃ with a humidity of 80-100%. In addition, in Egyptian baths, mud treatment and rubbing with aromatic oils are practiced.
Sanariumium (Chromotherapy) is a new integrated method of heat therapy, which combines a traditional sauna, as well as sound therapy, color therapy and aromatherapy, and to all this added equipment that supplies oxygen. The sanarium is equipped with a lighting system (with a color selection console), an acoustic system for playing relaxing music or sounds of nature. The heat is kept at a level from 40 to 60℃, with the humidity of the air in the room from 20 to 50%.
Air in the biosauna warms up to 40-60℃ and humidity of air 55-65%.
The temperature in the Caldarium is comfortable 37-45℃, and the humidity is high, which creates pleasant conditions for rest.
Laconium is a Greek sauna, one of the types of warm and dry sauna, in which the heat comes from heated stone surfaces. The air temperature in laconium is 45-55℃ with an air humidity of only 15-25%. Ergonomic seats and lounges curved shapes mosaic. The surface temperature of the seats is 30-35℃, the floor is 40-45℃ and the walls are 60-70 ℃. Often in the center of the room a fountain with drinking water is installed.
In SPA-centers the African bath for Psammotherapy services is reproduced with the help of special equipment. These are special baths or boxes with electric heating, filled with sand.
The walls of the haloroom are lined with salt, and the interior is given a thematic color, which creates an imitation of staying in a real underground cave. But the main and necessary condition for conducting controlled halotherapy is a halogenator, a device that fills the air in a room with tiny (1-5 microns) salt particles.
Tepidarium is a dry steam room, made of stone or marble, with a low air temperature of 35-45℃ and humidity not exceeding 30% -40%. The temperature of the loungers and seats is maintained at 37-38℃.
Modern fotarium (solar room) is a special design, including a sturdy frame and a special reflective ceiling. To create the desired effect, use the newest fluorescent lights.
Snow rooms are among the useful attributes of SPA-zones, fitness clubs and health-improving complexes. After a sauna or a bath, contrasting SPA procedures with snow allow you to feel the boundary between high and low temperatures. A set of cooling equipment, a plant for the production of snow, heat-insulating materials is needed.
An ice fountain is an installation that produces small ice (small ice scales, like snow) to wipe the body after a bath.
The Taosensa track is a unique innovative equipment that is built on the most ancient medical technique of foot reflexology, the stimulating effect of which is confirmed by the results of clinical studies.
Rest zones as well as relaxation zones, are of great importance in any SPA complex whether private or public. All materials used for SPA complex should withstand the influence of moisture. As for the design, it should be soothing.
It is important to create all the necessary conditions for a comfortable rest in a massage room: first of all, it is a temperature of 23-24℃, noise isolation, as well as pleasant lighting and relaxing entourage.
Swimming pools and attractions
The construction of «turnkey» swimming pools in Montenegro is important for «Montelgroup» LLC. Our competence includes the erection of concrete pools, as well as the installation of composite structures. We carry out a full list of works related to the design, construction and delivery of the swimming pools. We offer various attractions for swimming pools, including the installation of mini-aquaparks.
A font for a bath is a capacity where a person can immerse. Initially, it was filled with as much cold water as possible so that the heated person could immediately dip and quickly leave again. It is better to organize the construction simultaneously with the construction of a bath.
Aeromassage lounger dissipates the air pumped into the pool water, resulting in a lot of bubbles, making the massage effect softer (the so-called pearl bath effect).
The shower of impressions provides for the possibility of working in several modes: tropical rain, ice cascades of spray, English fog, sharp mass flow, soft caressing rain. The interior of the shower is finished using 3D stereo panoramic visualization technology.
The ice font expands the possibilities for extreme cooling regardless of the season and the weather outside the window. It is also a good way to cool the body after visiting a sauna, bath or hamam. The water temperature ranges from 0 - +1℃.
The Kneipp path can have various forms and interpretations, but the presence of several reservoirs with cold (10-12℃) and warm (28-30℃) water remains unchanged, alternating immersion in which stimulates blood circulation.
FLOAT SPA: This is an entire system, a complex for home and public SPA, consisting of a capsule, technical unit and water tank. It allows you to feel the weightlessness on earth.
Float SPA ROOM is an outdoor swimming pool filled with water with a high concentration of salt. Unlike the capsule, the pool is not equipped with a lid, which allows people suffering from claustrophobia to better tolerate the flotation procedure.
Hydromassage pools are one of the most successful inventions for rest and relaxation!
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