Attractions for swimming pools
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Water attractions are the most important element of the pool. Increasing attention to the construction of private, recreational swimming pools and swimming pools is given to various hydromassage systems. «Montelgroup» LLC offers the most popular and demanded whirlpool systems. The air supply in the hydro-aeromassage sections is provided by the built-in ejectors. In addition to whirlpool systems, we offer fountains and waterfalls, sound systems, slides and springboards. Specialists of «Montelgroup» LLC will make your pool the center of SPA and entertainment!

Waterfall «Cobra»
The waterfall «Cobra» is a decorative massage device. The width of the weir is 350, 500 or 700 mm.
The water flow per one «Water Curtain» waterfall is about 45 m3 / h.

Waterfall «Cobra» 350 mm - 1550 €:
800 € + pump 550 € + fitting, control unit 200 €

Waterfall «Cobra» 500 mm - 1800 €:
950 € + pump 650 € + fitting, control unit 200 €

Waterfall «Cobra» 700 mm - 2300 €:
1300 € + pump 750 € + fitting, control unit 250 €
The price from 1550 €
Water cannon
The water cannon provides the most intense massage of the upper shoulder girdle and neck muscles. The water gun stand is installed on the side of the pool. The water intake is carried out from the pool by a circulating pump through the water intake. The water gun stand is made of stainless steel with a matte or glossy surface. The complete set includes a water cannon with a fittings, a circulation pump, a water intake part, a piezo button with an adapter and a control unit.

Water cannon (complete set) 500 mm - 1100 €
Water cannon (complete set) 1000 mm - 1300 €

Nozzles for water cannon 55 € / pcs.
The price from 1100 €
Massage jets «Aero-Jet»
Massage jets, located under the water at different depths, create water-air flow. The water supply is provided by a circulation pump with a fence through the water intake from the pool bowl. The intake of air is provided by the ejectors built into the injectors. Jets can be equipped with various inserts that create helical, pulsating, and other flow of water. Hydromassage (complete set): pump, wall jets, a water intake part, air intake with adjustment, control unit with INOX piezo button, fitting.

4 nozzles - 1050 €
6 nozzles - 1250 €
8 nozzles - 1500 €
The price from 1050 €
Built-in Swim Jets
Can one swim 5 km and remain in the same place? It is possible, if the pool is equipped with a device for creating artificial flow. Since the movement of the swimmer for long distances is limited by the physical dimensions of the pool, then a Swim Jets comes to the rescue.

ELEGANCE 70 (BRILIX, Czech Republic), price: 1200€

Jet Swim (Sweden) 1200, speed 1,3m / s, capacity 2,2 kW, price: 2850€
Jet Swim (Sweden) 2000, speed 2,2 m / s, capacity 4 kW, price: 4200€
The price from 1200 €
Endless Pool Fastlane Jet
Fastlane Jet is placed on the board of installed or built pool (of any type, for all seasons or periodic use) without violating the integrity of the waterproofing and facing material. Fastlane Jet, as well as stationary ones, allow choosing the speed of movement of the water that is most suitable for a swimmer. Of course, the built-in Swim Jet is in greater physico-mechanical harmony with the pool, since it was originally designed for its bowl and produces less noise than the hinged one, since it has a pump placed outside the pool (but it still should not be placed more than 15 m apart so as not to increase the resistance of the pipeline).
The price from 2676 €
Bottom geyser
The installation "Bottom geyser" ensures the air supply by the compressor through the air-massage plateaus.
Air-massage plateau is built into the bottom of the pool and serves to dissipate the air, pumped into the water, forming a lot of bubbles and creating a soft massage effect.

Geyser "square" 400 mm - 1332 €
Geyser "rounded" 600х600 - 1785 €
The price from 1332 €
Hydromassage chair Water Spa Divan
A revolutionary solution that gives the opportunity to experience the whole positive effect of SPA procedures right at home. The device is suitable for all recessed pools with rigid sides (overflow, skimmer). It is enough to install it on board, lower it into the water, plug in, and you can enjoy the air and hydromassage procedures at any convenient time. SPA chair is adjusted using the button control panel located at the top of the device. With its help, you can set massage modes (aero, hydro), as well as the procedure cycle (5, 10, 15 minutes). The panel has LED-screen. The entire system is completely isolated from water ingress and has an IP64 protection standard.
The price from 1600 €
Hydromassage lounger in stainless steel
Hydromassage lounger is used in tiled or mosaic pools and provides a soft relaxing aeromassage throughout the body. Due to the intensive operation of the compressor, air enters in the lounger. The air is distributed and comes out in the form of bubbles. Air bubbles provide a soft massage relaxing all the muscles, such a massage effect guarantees a powerful burst of energy. Aeromassage has a beneficial effect on our nervous system: it increases the tone of the body, reduces tension and also removes irritation on the skin. Lounger creates the effect of the so-called "pearl bath", when the air that rises from the lounger, gently covers the entire body with a cloud of small bubbles.

Hydromassage lounger in stainless steel - 1750 €:
800 € + compressor 500 € (140 m3 / h) + fitting, control unit, piezo button 450 €
The price from 1750 €
 Astralpool Fountain Mushroom
Waterfall/Fountain AstralPool "Mushroom" is made of polished stainless steel AISI-316, height of 2.3 m and is a decorative add. The product is intended for use in swimming pools, water parks as entertainment equipment.

 Astralpool Fountain D1100 mm - 1280 €:
650 € + pump 280 € + fitting, control unit 350 €

 Astralpool Fountain D1500 mm - 1650 €:
950 € + pump 350 € + fitting, control unit 350 €

 Astralpool Fountain D2000 mm - 3750 €:
2450 € + pump 800 € + fitting, control unit 500 €

1660 € + pump 350 € + fitting, control unit 350 €
The price from 1280 €
Walled Waterfall
We can offer several types of walled waterfalls. Waterfalls made of stainless steel (ASTRALPOOL WATERFALLS) or ABS plastic (ASTRALPOOL SILKFLOW, POWERFALL). Standard waterfalls and waterfalls of "Powerfall Fiberfall Polaris" series, the soothing sound of which you can enjoy even at night, as it is equipped with lighting. The maximum installation height is 1.2 m.

Walled Waterfall 600 mm - 750 €:
300 € + pump 250 € + fitting, control unit 200 €

Walled Waterfall 900 mm - 860 €:
380 € + pump 280 € + fitting, control unit 200 €

Walled Waterfall 900 mm with LED lighting - 950 €:
500 € + pump 250 € + fitting, control unit 200 €
The price from 750 €
MiniJet Cascades
Mini-jet Polaris will add variety and visual and acoustic effects to your pool. The number of Mini-jet that can be connected depends on the power of the pump.

Mini-jet Polaris set of 6 nozzles - 480 €
The price from 480 €
Fountain Polaris
A floating fountain makes your pool more attractive. In addition to aesthetic appearance, the fountain creates a pleasant sound.
The fountain hose is connected to the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

Fountain Polaris - 860 €
The price from 860 €
ASTRAL Underwater music system
Built-in waterproof speakers ASTRALPOOL AQUARMONY serve to listen to music and audio under water. Easy to install. Help create a magical and unusual atmosphere in your pool.
Made of high-quality components, according to advanced technology and include systems that ensure normal operation in salt water or with a high content of chlorine.
Price on request
Slides for swimming pools made of polyester and fiberglass. Handrails made of aluminum. Equipped with a nozzle to supply water, facilitating the exit. There are many variations of your choice: ASTRALPOOL CURVED SLIDE, PRANASLIDE, MT07, TYPHOON, CYCLONE, BABY BLUE and others.
Price on request
Springboards are made of polyester and fiberglass, they are resistant to UV and severe weather conditions.
Non-slipery surface along the entire length of the board. There are many variations of your choice: ASTRAL DYNAMIC, DYNAMIC 1200, BALLESTA, DOLPHIN, ELEVADO and others.

Springboard model DYNAMIC
length 1.6m - 660 €
length 2.0m - 2500 €

Springboard model ELEVADO
length 2.0m - 2100 €
length 2.5m - 3050 €
The price from 660 €