Construction of walls, floors
in Montenegro

We  constructs walls, floors of all materials common in Montenegro, and does it with high quality, strictly maintaining the terms agreed with the customer.
Our experts will assist in the selection of optimal building materials. The choice is made with the consideration of the requirements and wishes of the customer, as well as based on the requirements for strength, height, thickness and other characteristics of the walls. Work is carried out in strict accordance with the current regulations, as well as considering recommendations and regulations from manufacturers. In designing and construction, we also take into account the current trends in the industry, and use new technologies that allow to accelerate or reduce the cost of construction, and make its results more reliable and safe.
Walls are an important part of the house and are largely responsible for the overall strength and durability of the building, determine its appearance, heat-saving parameters and many other features. Therefore, the works must be done at high quality.

Types of services

Bricklaying of walls


Cinder block walls


Aerated concrete walls


Brick partitions