Reconstruction of houses
in Montenegro

Reconstruction of an old residential or non-residential building is a complex of renovation works, such as upgrade, modernization, change of design or architectural appearance in general. Typically, it involves the dismantling of individual components and their replacement by new ones, as well as redevelopment.
To order the reconstruction of family houses, non-residential premises, offices, retail premises and other structures in Montenegro you can by contacting «Montelgroup» LLC. We provide a full range of services in this area, including carrying out project surveys, assessing the current state of construction, developing proposals for extending its exploitation and upgrading its appearance. We also carry out all necessary construction, renovation and final work.
Reconstruction is different from renovation in the sense that it affects not only the decoration, but also the basis of the building. This is a more complex task, implying simultaneous improvement of both technical condition and visual appearance of the object. Work includes the analysis and restoration or replacement of communications, floors, partitions and other elements.

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«Тurn-key» overhaul
Expansion of the house, redevelopment, extension of premises, floors
«Turn-key» renovation of old buildings
Elimination of the consequences of destruction, floods, fire
Change in the bearing capacity of structural elements, partial or complete replacement of the elements of building.